Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I use discount codes?

  • Use the search box or browse by letter to find discount codes.
  • If codes are available click Show codes & visit site... to view them.
  • Make a note of the discount codes.
  • Shop normally then enter codes in basket or store checkout.
  • Add to your favourites for next time.
  • Register for free email alerts and we'll email new codes to you.

What are discount codes?
Discount codes (also known as voucher codes, promotional codes, discount vouchers, shop codes, coupons etc.) are the online equivalent of in-store coupons and usually consist of a trigger word, number or a combination of both and they can save you money when shopping online. The saving is typically a percentage discount, a fixed amount, free delivery or bargain bundle offer. Some codes are automatically activated when you click through from so always click on our hyperlinks to ensure such codes work properly (e.g.

Who can use discount codes?
Most discount codes, especially codes listed on, are freely available for anyone to use.
Some discount codes do include specific terms and conditions (e.g. first order only) or may be personalised for individuals or one-time use only (e.g. iTunes, CD-WOW vouchers) or groups (e.g. NHS staff discounts) but don't worry too much about this because we check new discount codes before they appear live on and highlight any special terms and conditions. However, if you do find any inappropriate codes listed please contact us and we will investigate and remove any inappropriate discount codes promptly.

What if there isn't a code listed?
Try entering a brand name (e.g. Armani) or a keyword tag (e.g. iPod) and you may find other stores offering the products you're looking for at other online stores which may have a discount code available. We're constantly organising and adding new deals to bring you the latest discount codes daily. If you want to us to keep you informed when we have new codes for specific stores (or all stores) we offer a free email alert service - just search or browse for any store then enter your email address. We will email you when new discount codes for that retailer become available and we won't pester you until new codes are available. Your email address is safe with us, please refer to our privacy policy for more details.

I've got a discount code which isn't listed, can I share it?
Yes. So long as the discount code isn't personalised to you or one-time use only please do . We always check new codes before putting them live so you can leave it to us to check with the retailer and decide whether or not to publish it or not. Whatever we decide thanks for taking the time to share your discount codes.