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SpamTry Mailwasher Pro FREE for 30 Days - we know you'll love it, we've been using Mailwasher for years and there's nothing else like it available.

Mailwasher Pro displays your email BEFORE you download it and automatically removes viruses and filters out junk mail (spam) directly from your mail server so viruses and spam never even reaches your computer or local mailbox.

You're just left with clean mailboxes ready to download as normal to your favourite email program like Outlook Express, Thunderbird etc.

Mailwasher Pro, published by Firetrust, is available for all Windows users and we've got an exclusive 25% Mailwasher Pro discount code, enter RENEGADE in the shopping cart for a limited period.

Sadly, there isn't a current Mac release but the current release runs fine on virtual machines like Parallels and Bootcamp.

How does Mailwasher Work?

Mailwasher filters out unwanted emails before they ever reach your PC by logging into all your mailboxes and previewing your email in a window without downloading any email to your machine so you're not at risk of any email viruses.

Mailwasher has its own basic built-in virus checker and can (optionally) check all incoming email addresses against popular online spam databases to see if it originates from a known spam source in which case it flags the email as potential spam or deletes it according to your settings.

After removing all the obvious obvious spam and common viruses the remaining emails are checked against your personal friends and blacklists to remove any remaining unwanted emails. Mailwasher intelligently learns so as you select your preferences and make decisions it becomes increasingly accurate.

Mailwasher can automate everything (under your control) and in a matter of seconds you're left with clean email in all your mailboxes ready to download as normal using the Send/Receive cycle of your preferred email client and normal anti-virus software.

MailWasher Pro has received rave reviews in the media including CNN and BBC World with over 7 million downloads and from personal experience we're pleased to recommend it.

Last updated: Thursday 26th January 2017 at 12:58:22 AM GMT

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