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Dixons Review

Dixons electronicsDixons is a popular online electronics and electrical superstore offering thousands of electrical and electronic products at discount prices exclusively online.

The Dixons website also feature customer reviews, ratings and the ability to compare products to help decide which product is right for you.

You'll find desktop computers, netbooks and laptops (including Apple computers), kitchen appliances and small appliances from all the top brands, LCD and LED TVs, HDTV, Plasma Televisions, games consoles including the Sony PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox 360. GPS Sat nav systems, home cinema setups, HiFi and Audio including MP3 players and iPods, DVD players, digital Cameras, HD camcorders and much more.

Dixons News Timeline

Last updated 8th October 2012:
The website will cease trading on Tuesday 9th October 2012.
Last updated 13th July 2012:
There are NO valid Dixons codes available today but do read our Dixons Shopping Tip further down this page.
May 2012:
After several months with no Dixons codes they're back! Last updated April 2012:
Dixons codes have completely dried up now since January. We're not sure what's going on but it looks like a change in marketing strategy.
Try the Dixons shopping tip below to compare prices and available codes on the Currys website instead.
Update January 2012:
There's a steady trickle of codes released most weeks at the moment.
Update 17th November 2011:
It looks like Dixons are taking a break, there are NO valid Dixons discount codes available today - and haven't been for a couple of weeks already. You'll find loads of Dixons codes listed on other code sites but they won't work.
If you've found something on the Dixons website, copy and paste the stock number into the search box on the Currys (or PC World) websites and use any applicable codes there instead. This works because Dixons is part of the same store group as Currys and PC World which is cool isn't it?
Update 28th October 2011:
Although new Dixons discount codes are released most weeks there is currently a gap between codes expiring at midnight on Wednesdays and being renewed sometime late Thursday or Friday so we've set the codes we expect to be renewed to display as expired with this heads up that there's a good chance some expired codes will work.
Update July 2011:
The DSGi stores are all releasing the SAME codes at the moment which has never happened before. DSGi are also going head to head with the Kesa electricals group (Comet, Laskys, Kitchen Science etc) with both groups across all their stores releasing a number of identical promotional codes. We can only assume they are trying to pick up each others online publicity on consumer websites like and it's very interesting to see who leaves it latest on Friday afternoon to release codes after the competition has gone home for the weekend!
There's currently a mixture of generic codes, category codes and product specific codes and there have been periods when there are no Dixons discount codes available at all.

A Bit Of Background...

...A couple of years ago Dixons closed all their high street stores, which have been rebranded as Currys Digital stores, which makes them an online only brand.

Dixons is part of the DSGi store group which also operates Currys, PC World, Pixmania and Advent Computers amongst others and also operates the KNOWHOW delivery, recycling, tech support and Whatever Happens protection offerings.

Dixons Shopping Tip:

Product codes are the same on the Currys and PC World websites so if you've found something on the Dixons website you can cut and paste the product code into the search box on the other websites to compare prices and check our pages for discount codes.

Dixons Codes & Promotions:

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