Yorktest YORKTEST Labs offer personal health screening services to enable you to take charge of your future well-being.

All YorkTests are finger prick blood tests taken at home with no need for a GP or hospital appointment (apart from the MAST test) and they're the only independent laboratory to be endorsed by Allergy UK and have been offering food intolerance programmes for over 25 years.

Available YorkTests Include:

  • Food Intolerance test:
    IBS, ezma, migraines and bloating are all symptoms associated with food intolerance. If you think you have food intolerance or are not sure YORKTEST offers a 113 foodscan test.
  • LiverCheck Test:
    Liver health is critical to your longevity and you can find out how healthy your liver is with this test.
  • Homocysteine Test:
    As we grow older you may become concerned about the likelihood of developing heart disease, Altzeimers or Stroke. YORKTEST's Homocysteine Test helps you find out if you need to take action now to deter future disease.
  • MAST Test:
    If you're suffering from classic allergy symptoms The MAST test measures the severity of your reaction to 36 of the most common prevalent food and inhalent allergens, using just a single blood sample.
  • Body ID Plan Test:
    Maintain your optimum weight with a personalised healthy eating plan from Body ID Plan.
  • DrinkScan Test:
    The world's first drink intolerance test offers nutritional support and guidance to help manage your reactions to everyday drink ingredients.

YorkTest Weight Management

The YorkTest Body ID Personalised Diet Plan analyses your immune response to food and offers you a more personalised approach to weight management and provides you with a healthy eating plan that incorporates the results of your finger prick home blood analysed by YorkTest’s specialist laboratory.

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